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Following the horrific events of September 11, 2001, the Nation immediately began to realize vulnerabilities to our health, safety, and security. Suicide attacks represent an aggression very difficult to control for given the highly unpredictable and counter-intuitive behavior of the attackers when conducting their operations. This left no choice but to reevaluate any and all possible vulnerabilities, no matter how remote they may seem. One of those included the Nation’s food supply. Biological agents, some of which not normally considered warfare agents, are very difficult to detect prior to an outbreak of illness or death, in animals or humans. This makes bioterrorism one of the more nebulous forms of attack. We’ve always maintained import control and random testing, but we’ve lacked the ability to quickly isolate and control the spread of an internal event. The Producer Registration System, though voluntary, is making large strides toward the ability to control and mitigate the spread of a biological attack or foreign animal diseases such as the Avian Flu. Partnering with the Mississippi Board of Animal Health and the Mississippi State Veterinarian, Dr. Jim Watson, work continues on the registration of producers within the state of Mississippi. Our staff continues to receive voluntary registration forms for classification and logging, further enabling the geocoding of producers to plan, mitigate, respond, and recovery in the event of a disaster involving the Nation’s food supply. We’ve recently developed a website,, which producers can use to register for a USDA premises ID, verify their information, and do their part for the protection of our Nation’s food supply, economic stability, and their own livelihood.

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NCBC is proud to introduce DISCOVER MS. The Disaster, Incident, and Situational Collaborative Operational Virtual Environment Resource (DISCOVER) is Mississippi's premier information consumption and operational support tool for use by emergency management, first response, and decision making personnel. Built on the Google Earth Enterprise platform, we'll soon be expanding the target audience to include non-emergency operational personnel and the populace at large through the use of 3-D globe portals. Please check back often for updates. Start using the system by clicking on the hyperlink to the left. We welcome feedback on the system.