COPS 2009

Funding Agency:

US Department Justice - Community Oriented Policing Services

Project Description:

IPIX allows first responders to become familiar with the interior and the structure of a school and its classrooms. Using IPIX first responders can effectively conduct a large scale response effort to an incident on school grounds even if they have no prior knowledge of the school layout. .

Project Outcome:

The IPIX project results in creating 3-D virtual tour of Mississippi schools and critical infrastructure to protect schools and to assist law enforcement/emergency management charged with the planning, mitigation, response, or recovery of an incident involving a school.


Image 1: Fish Eye lens used for capturing IPIX imagery

ipix Setup

  Image 2: Two Images captured from the North and South using the IPIX fish Eye lens. These two images will be stitched together to form a 360 degree virtual tour that coordinates with the areas on the floor plan.