Community Mapping

Funding agency:

Department Of Justice 2008

Project Description:

Using the COPS funding, National Center for Biodefense Communications (NCBC) organized several community mapping projects involving emergency and other local government personnel, community leaders, students and teachers from high schools and community colleges to identify critical mapping needs in the community in terms of emergency response operations and to collect those data using the state of the art global positioning system (GPS) and geographic information (GIS) technologies.

All the participants were initially trained in these technologies and later sent in groups to collect locations, digital imagery and associated attributes of mapped features as an input to generate GIS maps for use in emergency response.

Project Outcomes: 

The NCBC provided Community mapping services for 10 counties in the state of Mississippi.  All the data created from these projects were made available to the communities and emergency personnel through DISCOVER MS, an online application developed by NCBC. These data are made available by the NCBC to all 82 counties in the state of Mississippi.

Community Mapping

Communtiy Mapping Group Picture

City of De Kalb, Kemper County, Mississippi April 9-10, 2010
Picture Description: Jackson State University’s National Center for Biodefense Communications joined Kemper County Emergency Mangers, the City of DeKalb, students from Kemper Academy and the Kemper County School District to map fire hydrants in the City of DeKalb.
The students were trained to use state of the art Global Position Systems (GPS) devices, which provide latitude and longitude coordinates for digital mapping of the county. The digital